matt light



December 2006 to Present

Lightdatasys is a personal project of my own that is actively used by friends and family. The web site is publicly accessible at It is in both development and production stages; improvements are made as time permits.

The web site is host to a fantasy NASCAR league and fantasy football (NFL) league for family and friends. In addition, Lightdatasys hosts a currently-private and under-development media cataloging system called Eltalog.

The section devoted to the fantasy NASCAR league allows users to sign in and pick drivers they believe will do well during the upcoming week’s NASCAR races. Once a race is completed, the race results are inputted and the fantasy results and standings are automatically computed based on the rules of the league. In addition, news is retrieved from RSS feeds and displayed with the respective series’ statistics.

The fantasy football portion of the web site shares a similar role as the NASCAR section, except that it is devoted to NFL instead of NASCAR. Users pick which team they believe will win each game. After a game is over and the score is entered, the fantasy standings are automatically updated.

Eltalog is a media cataloging system that helps to keep track of collections of movies, music, books, video games, etc. The system is designed to be highly dynamic: as new types of media are invented, new types can be created within the system. Currently Eltalog is in the development stage and as such is private.


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