matt light


CBH Hierarchy Manager

August 2006 to January 2007

The CBH Hierarchy Manager was created as a web-based utility application to help manage financial reporting hierarchies. I designed and implemented the software after the folks at CBH, Inc. came up with the idea and enlisted my skills.

Originally, the company was looking to have an ASP and MS SQL Server application created to manage the reporting hierarchies. Since I was not (and still am not) familiar with ASP, I asked if they would be willing to allow me to create a prototype in PHP/MySQL and then later convert the program as I learned ASP. In the end, the web application I created did serve as a prototype for what they were developing, but the application was not converted to ASP.

Since the application became a prototype, it never made it out of development stages. In the future I hope to post a demo, albeit with bugs and all.


(Currently, larger images are not available due to privacy concerns related to client data.)

  • CBH Hierarchy Manager Screenshot