matt light


Raving Letter to the San Bernardino County Supervisors

Dear San Bernardino County Supervisors,

I have lived in San Bernardino County since 1986—all of my life. Since about 2007 I have resided in the “Verdemont Heights” area in the north part of San Bernardino City. I am approximately halfway between North Verdemont Elementary School and Palm Elementary School. This location is about 2 miles, as the crow flies, from San Manuel Amphitheater.

I am extremely displeased with the rave that is currently going on at the San Manuel Ampitheater. The music they are playing is absurdly loud. Not only can I hear the music with all of my doors and windows shut, but it is rattling my windows and irritating my ears! If you’ve ever had a headache where your head is pounding, you might have an idea of what it feels like to be hearing the unacceptably loud and pulsating music. I cannot imagine what my friends closer to the amphitheater are dealing with.

When my family contacted the San Bernardino City police department, they referred us to the San Bernardino County Sheriff. When we contacted the Sheriff, they put us on hold for a bit to look into the matter. Once they figured out what was going on, they told us that there is nothing they can do because the County issued a permit for the event. It outrages me that the County would permit such an event. It outrages me even more that a permit can be used to justify and protect the allowance of music that should actually be considered by the law as assault. The sound from this event is potentially more than just an annoyance—repeated exposure to this type of event could impact my neighbors and my own ability to hear.

We occasionally hear sounds from other events at the amphitheater and nearby dirt racetrack. All of the past events before today have been at a tolerable noise level, but the noise level from the rave tonight is completely unacceptable.

I know only Supervisor Gonzalez represents the Fifth District, but I urge all of you to please act to prevent anymore raves in the County.

Thank you and enjoy your peaceful night,

Matt Light