matt light


About Me


I have an overwhelming number of beliefs. Stay away from my living room when a sporting event is on unless you are willing to listen to my unedited opinions (usually animated but non-vulgar). Hopefully one day I will be able to post some of my opinions, but for now there is one I would love to share with you…

Faith in God

My most important belief is that Jesus Christ died so that our sins could be forgiven. Before you close the page, let me make it clear that I am not claiming to be high-and-mighty. I am human. I make mistakes. I sin. If you so choose, call me a hypcrite for that is what I am. I know what is right but often do the opposite.

Living life as a Christian is not an easy task. It is hard to live how God wants me to live instead of how I want to live. In many ways I live—or at least try to live—how I know God wants me to. However, temptation is abundant in everyday life and is much easier to give into than to say “no” to.

I believe in Him and I believe He sacrificed His one and only son for my sins. Yet I still have a hard time sacrificing time and desires for Him. What I am trying to say is: I am working on my relationship with God. Going to church (the Packinghouse) more regularly and reading the Bible will help, but spending a little more time with Him everyday is what I really need. Pray for my guidance!


This might be the first time I said (typed) this… I am a college graduate!

I graduated from the University of California, Irvine in December 2008. Well, according to the UCI Registrar’s web site, I have been certified with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. However, my diploma will not be ready until the end of April 2009 and commencement is not until June 2009. For all purposes, though, I am a graduate!

I am proud of my academic achievements. Never failing a class is something to be proud of. Graduating from A.B. Miller School with High Honors (in 2004) is something to be proud of. Going to Riverside Community College for two years to limit college costs is something to be proud of (2004 to 2006). Commuting between UC Irvine and home (120-miles round trip) every day while maintaining Dean’s Honor List is something to be proud of.

Thank you God for getting me through school!

Things I Like

The truth is that I probably dislike more things than I like,
so it would be wise for me to list what I like.
Of course, this list will never be complete—
writing an exhausted list is not something I like!
(That sounds like a poem, but that was not my intention.)

Code, Code, Code

I love to program. You can call me a geek, nerd, or code monkey—I will still love to program.

The majority of the coding I do is web development. In particular, I code dynamic web sites in PHP using HTML/CSS to present pages in an appealing manner. I use a little bit of Javascript here and there to help add to the user’s experience. Most of what I know about web development comes from self-education and many years of use.

I am also experienced with Java and C++. I was introduced to C++ in an introductory to programming course in high school. I continued learning C++ while attending RCC and made use of the language on occassion for courses at UC Irvine.


Last year (2008) I attempted a 10-week bicycling program on a stationary bike in hopes of completing a century (100-mile) ride. I completed 7 weeks of the program, including a 60-mile ride. Unfortunately, physical pain and apathy caused me to discontinue biking for a while.

I am back to biking this year. Instead of setting daily goals, I have a goal of 2009-miles for the year. This allows me to be flexible with my biking schedule and exercise 30-minutes a day, on average.

Watch TV

Admittedly, I watch too much TV. I watch various types of shows, although the majority of the series I watch are crime shows, including the CSI and Law & Order series. I also watch many hours of sports, including practically every NASCAR Cup race, a hockey game here and there, a football game or two per week, and baseball when the Yankees have the opportunity to beat the Red Sox.

Play Video Games

I play games mostly on Playstation 3. Games from almost any genre have been known to distract me from other great things in life. At the time of writing this, NHL 08 is my favorite game.


I joined a bowling course during my Winter 2006 semester at Riverside Community College. Within the first few weeks, I was hooked. I bought a bowling ball and started bowling outside of school. After I completed the course, I joined a few leagues and invited family to join in so I could continue to enjoy bowling.

In 2008, I tore a ligament in my hand that plagued me for several months. During this time, I was unable to bowl, and since then I have had little opportunity to join any leagues. Every now and then I still go bowling with family.


Go-karting is insane fun, but a bit expensive. When I do have the opportunity to go-kart, I go to K1 Speed where I race electric go-karts on an indoor track. I have given gas-powered go-karts a try, but I was a bit uncomfortable not wearing a seatbelt while going 60mph around hairpin turns—not to mention I ended up with blistered hands. I’ll wear gloves next time I give that a try.


I am a picky eater. There! I got that over with.

Somehow, I have managed to grow up a picky eater. I dislike foods for various reasons: taste, smell, texture, and even looks. Even with my pickiness, I still love to eat.